Imagine Saionji waking up with gummy bears stuck in her hair and on her face

//dr spoilers //death mention

Love’s Bittersweet Melody

Hello, this is my first time submitting a long fic to this blog. Not to mention, it’s also my first Character/Reader fic (this one’s Ishimaru/Reader). I’ve had this draft in my head for a long time, but never really got around to writing it until now. This contains obvious spoilers below, and has several mentions of death. Sorry if this is and the ending are kinda sucky; like I said, this is my first Imagines fic that took me nights to work on (not to mention I blow at ending stories properly). Nonetheless, I still hope you guys like it!

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Imagine one day you have to get blood drawn. you’re really afraid of needles and dread the whole day leading up to it. you’re in the lab room and you’re super nervous. mikan comes in and asks if you’re ready and you begin to cry. she immediately comes up to you and asks if you’re scared of needles. you nod, tears running down your face. mikan reassures you that everything will be okay and that she’s very good and will only take one try. you’re still pretty nervous, so she holds your hand for a little bit before she goes to draw the blood. she keeps talking to you in a sweet tone and before you know it, she’s done the job! she tells you that you did a very good job and that you were very brave! she tells you to wait there, and she comes back with some juice to make sure you stay hydrated, all the while she smiles and gives you a pretty band-aid and a hug before you leave, feeling a bit better about needles. 

imagine that during the summer, you get Kirigiri some personally fitted gloves - styled in way so they nearly replicate her current ones, except they’re white to advert heat, so that wouldn’t make her hands feel clammy or uncomfortable during the hot weather - and she’s so awe-stricken when you present them to her that at first you think she doesn’t like them or that you were too forward, until she presses a kiss to your cheek and tells you that it was a really thoughtful gesture and she appreciates it.

//dr spoilers

Imagine that the Mutual Killing was all because Junko got rickrolled.

//sonia x gundam

imagine gundam having a cute little crush on sonia when they’re little kids and always drawing her pictures and stuff and always giving cute little handmade (anonymous) valentines to her in february and as they and their classmates grow up they start placing bets on when sonia will realize its gundam sending her all this stuff/when gundam will ask her out

sdr2 boys…..being dorks…..yah I’m still working on this dating sim haha

imagine you’re in study hall, quietly minding your business when your friend rushes up to you, flailing their arms as they motion outside and quickly summarize a story about how basically your boyfriend Mondo got into another fight. Sighing heavily, because this is like the fifth one this week, you shut your book and make your way angrily outside to where the commotion is happening. 

Mondo, who’s already given the other person a bruised lip, looks like a mess as well. His hair is crazy, his knuckles are bleeding, and you’re about to step in to stop the two of them when the other guy spits on Mondo. Literally just spits on him. And you don’t know why, but you lose it because no one disrespects anyone - especially not your boyfriend- like that.  Without thinking, you storm over, socking the guy in the face and receiving and equally hard punch in your eye back. It hurts, but it doesn’t stop you from jabbing your foot between the guys legs and shouting obscenities at him as his eyes widen and he limps away from you, muttering something about you being psychotic. 

You return your focus to Mondo, who looks mad as hell because he’s this close to running off after the dude, but you stop him and tell him it isn’t worth it. He’s about to lecture you on how stupid that was off you to jump in like that, but when he sees your bruising eye and the look of concern on your face, he softens and kisses your forehead, assuring you that he’s ok- and that he should get you to the nurse to patch you up. 

imagine Hinata puts you in charge of feeding Komaeda after Souda and Nidai tie him up and even though you’re reluctant at first because hey, Komaeda is kinda weird, you do still bad for the poor guy and decide that bringing him some food isn’t really the worst job in the world.

Of course, after the first time- you decide that it just might be because instead of just bringing the food to Komaeda, you also have to feed him. Which in itself is a little awkward because you barely know each other, but it gets even more weird when Komaeda starts cooing at you and showering you in praise for being the quote un-quote “greatest hope of humanity” because you apparently pity “trash” like him.

It’s such an uncomfortable thing to say, but at the same time it makes you blush and every time you come back with your plate of bread and butter and some water,Komaeda is always ready with another whole jumble of reasons to why you’re gods greatest gift to this earth. And you want to tell him to shut it, you want to hate being praised, but at the same time you find yourself going back to that cabin excited to hear Komaeda talk to you again. Komaeda knows it too and he even takes to nuzzling your palm after your done feeding him like a cute little puppy as he stares up at you and whispers that you’re beautiful, so beautiful and it takes you a lot of strength to leave there without kissing him or something because soon or later you realize you kind of sort of like him.