let’s see how weird this kids really are, shall we? some of this might surprise you haha ((answer under the cut))

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//saionji x komaeda 

imagine Komaeda finds Saionji just adorable and he has this habit of sneaking up on her from behind and just hugging her to his chest as she flails her hands and feet and calls him disgusting and weird. Komaeda doesn’t mind though and continue to hold her close, giving her a little kiss on the top of her head as she threatens to bite him or pull at his hair.

//saionji x koizumi

imagine Saionji is an extremely jealous girlfriend and threatens all her classmates that if anyone even thinks about touching Koizumi or something nasty and perverted like that, she will personally make sure they suffer something especially gross. Afterwords, Koizumi is confused and asks Saionji why no one will even dare to look her way and Saionji just shrugs, kisses her cheek, and exclaims that it doesn’t matter- she’s too cute for them anyway!

Saionji Ships!!:
+Komaeda/Saionji +Saionji/Koizumi 


imagine Komaeda calls you super embarrassing pet names in public and you always have to pinch his arm and tell him to quiet down, but when he calls you like ‘kitten’ or ‘angel’ in bed it’s a complete turn on for you and he uses it to tease you all the time.


imagine Nidai is super gentle during sex, like he’s much more interested in pleasuring you then pleasuring himself and he makes sure that you’re ok at all times and he leads a trail of kisses down your tummy and holds your hand throughout the whole thing and afterwords he is totally down to cuddle.


imagine Leon tickling your sides as you sit in his lap and he moves slowly up into you. You giggle, telling him to stop teasing, but he just gives you a small smirk and exclaims that you deserve it- after all last time you teased him too. You’re about to retort, but he cuts you off with a change in pace as he thrusts harder into you. Your voice weakens and you hide your head in the crook of his neck and gasp in pleasure. Leon kisses your shoulder tenderly and you clutch onto him as you feel him hit deeper inside of you.

let’s do nsfw asks just because that anon made me angry haha
+komaeda +nidai +leon

imagine monokuma acting really awkward around you when you are talking to him alone. he tries to hide it but in the end you pretty much see right through him, so you decide to mess with him. you call him to you and before he could say anything, you pick him up and squeeze him into a hug. monokuma turns to a bright shade of red, and he starts sweating profoundly at first, but calms down and enjoys it.

ever since that moment he becomes more open to you and cracks jokes about it being a romantic relationship


yes hello i got inspiration in the shower so here’s some komaeda (because i like writing about him i don’t know why) !!

Imagine Komaeda barging in the middle of the shower and pulling the curtains open. You scream and throw a bar of soap at him (smacking him right on his forehead) and yell at him to close the curtains, until he whines that he just wanted to tell you he loves you! You stop screaming and look at him, a small smile forming on your lips before stepping forward to peck him on the nose and tell him that you love him too, but right now isn’t the best time because well…you’re taking a shower. He nods understandingly and tells you to hurry up, he wants to be with you as soon as possible!